onsdag 12 mars 2014

6 fast with Mordbrand

1. Who are you?

- Björn Larsson.

2. Favorite metal record?

- Impossible, but "Hell Awaits" (SLAYER) is one of them.

3. Favorite punk record?

- Same thing here, but "Feel the Darkness" (POISON IDEA) is one of them.

4. Favorite beer?

- Mariestad Export… …is one of them.

5. Best gig ever?

- Tough one. I'll choose a recent cool gig instead. Last year I saw GRÁ here in Falun, Sweden. Incredible atmosphere.

6. Recommend a band!

- I recommend the very overlooked and underrated american death metal unit FATALIST. Unfortunately they disbanded, but the main dude has a grind band called P.O.O.R. now.


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