söndag 9 mars 2014

6 fast with Slaktrens

1. Who are you?

- I'm Johan.

2. Favorite metal record?

- Blind Guardian - Imaginations from the other side or Dismember - Death metal. I don't listen to very much metal really.

3. Favorite punk record?

- Number one is always Bad Religion - No control. But there's alot of other records that should be mentioned here too. For example Code 13 - A part of america died today (which is probably my favourite 7". If anyone has the camo cover version i really want it), Mob 47 - everything, Wolfpack - Lycanthro punk, Loudpipes- Downhill blues, Hellnation - Fucked up mess/Cheerleaders for imperialism, Krigshot - Maktmissbrukare/Örebromangel, Dead Kennedys - Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables, Uncurbed - Keeps the banner high, Dropdead - most stuff... and i could go on for a while more but i wont.

4. Favorite beer?

- Nothing particular. At the moment i'm enjoying an american IPA which is very nice. I also like some belgian trappist beer (thanks to Jan Agathocles for the introduction). The cheapest lager is also fine.

5. Best gig ever?

- Probably some Thåström gig. Copenhagen a few years ago maybe.

6. Recommend a band!

- Sick Fuckin-O. I got the Sex Cells 7" a while ago and it's been spinning quite alot here.

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