torsdag 3 april 2014

6 fast with Agathocles

1. Who are you?

- I am Jan, bassist and singer of Belgian mincecore band AGATHOCLES.

2. Favorite metal record?

- Uff.....I have many fave metal records like HELLHAMMER "apocalyptic raids" LP, DEATHSTRIKE "fucking death" LP, CIRITH UNGOL "King of the dead" LP,.....

3. Favorite punk record?

- Same as above, I have so many fave punk records like all records from GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA, GAI "extermination" flexi 7", first TERVEET KADET 7"EPs,.....

4. Favorite beer?


5. Best gig ever?

- NAPALM DEATH in 1987 in Mol, BELGIUM and all UNHOLY GRAVE-gigs that I have seen

6. Recommend a band!

- You mean a new, young band? In that case, NEKROMANTIKER from Holland!

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