tisdag 8 april 2014

6 fast with Obscene Extreme

1. Who are you?

- Curby/obscene! I'm running Obscene Extreme festival and Obscene productions/label.

2. Favorite metal record?

- Hm, I have 3 favorite grindcore albums (I simply can't choose only 1) - BRUTAL TRUTH - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, NAPALM DEATH - Scum and REPULSION - Horrified and for metal, maybe SODOM - Agent Orange?

3. Favorite punk record?

- easy to say now - DOOM - Corrupt Fucking System.

4. Favorite beer?

- I'm ex alcoholic for 17 years so I love Bundaberg ginger beer now! The best!

5. Best gig ever?

- Probably PUNGENT STENCH, MACABRE, BRUTAL TRUTH in small club in Prague back in 1994, awesome! Also NASUM farewell show at Obscene Extreme in 2012 was amazing and heaps of more. Extreme music is best live!

6. Recommend a band!

- From new bands, surely NAILS! Brutal!

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